"a portrait of my children, once a week, every week, in 2016."

Stella: You spent most of this week in the ocean, playing non-stop with your friends. Every time we go to the sea, I'm amazed to see how you come alive in the waves and the salt water. 

Hugo: You stayed home with Papi and Ibu as you were suffering from a flu. Though before we left on our trip, you sure enjoyed our trip out to car-free day and were quite taken with these lizards.

Stella, Nannie and I are just back from a wonderful camping trip to Ujung Kulon national park. We went with a big group of friends: eight adults and six kids. They kiddos spent five days totally outside, with nothing to keep them entertained save for a bamboo platform and two ancient wooden brooms. And their imagination. And we basically, they needed nothing from us the entire time. They were busy running around the camp site, chasing monkeys, stalking dear, and watching monitor lizards, happy "cooking" and playing "sea side restaurant" or "pirate ship" or "family". It was really lovely to see them all, this gang of multi-aged kids, getting along so well.