a portrait of my children, once a week, every week, in 2016."

Stella: You're feeling more comfortable at school, I think. Each day, it seems like you're coming home with new words, with tales of new songs or games you're playing, or delicious things you ate for lunch (sausages are always a winner, but you tasted and liked even, fish and enthusiastically ate spinach). In the mornings, you still stick pretty close to me at the bus stop, but when the bus arrives, you race with the other kids, eager to be first in line. Still, I know it's not so easy for you, starting again, making new friends, creating a new routine, and all in a new language. I'm just so impressed with how well you're managing it all.

Hugo: You were so happy to discover your toys again. Our shipment arrived this week, and you were just so glad to see your cars and your garage again. Each toy we unwrapped was greeted with delight. I think seeing your stuff in our new place will really help you to feel a bit more settled.