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"a portrait of my children, once a week, every week in 2016."

Stella: After almost two years hiatus from the television (with exceptions for sickness and long plane journeys), we've just started letting you watch TV on a Sunday. We're fairly excited because we can snatch an hour or two of quiet time on the weekend. You think you've won the lottery. But it kiiiiinda is all you want to talk about now, TVTVTVTVTV, and that does drive me a little bit bananas. 

Hugo: With all this newfound media exposure, you're super into princesses right now. You get a little bit of TV too, when you wake up from your Sunday nap. Inevitably it's Sofia the First. And so, outside the strictures of North American culture, and in the absence of other media exposure telling you otherwise you think that it's totally reasonable for a car-loving little boy to aspire to be a princess when he grows up. And I'm not one to tel you otherwise, because I kinda love it when you ask me to put on your princess crown.