"a portrait of my children, once a week, every week, in 2016."

Stella: In the last several weeks, you've really grown, not in hight, I mean, but in mind. You now have the concentration to sit with me and play a board game. You can reason and plan without reacting immediately. And on this particular morning, you read me four sentences (in French!!!!) Six and a half is a nice spot to be.

Hugo: You're taking over as the resident trouble maker. You're charming as all get out, but boy, your passions can be ignited when you're unhappy. You scream and shout and cry, often declaring GULAH! providence of that particular phrase remains unknown. A friend remarked to me, "He's just the right level of naughty," charming but cheeky. Mostly I agree, except perhaps when you are shouting a few choice gros mots over and over and over from atop the climbing frame in the crowded playground when I tell you that it's time to go home.