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“A portrait of my children, once a week, every week in 2017.”

Here we go again! I have big hopes that I'll be able to stay on top of this project in 2017. I mean, we have no plans to move, or expand our family, or have our apartment infested with vermin, or anything like that, so should be doable? (Ha. Fate. I see you laughing.)

Stella: It’s been a bit of a rough week. You’re acting out your big feelings around having a small sister who takes up all my time in the evenings. I’m overstimulated and short on patience and not being my best self. You've born the burnt of this, I think. And the only positive I can see is that you’re getting a pretty good model of how to apologise. 


Hugo: You’re still ambivalent about this whole big brother thing. You’re writing on the walls, trying to throw my phone in the sink, and occasionally trying to poke your sister in the eyes. All this intermixed with requests to cuddle and tender moments when you appear to actually love your sister. The other evening Lyra was squawking to be picked up while you and I were reading a book. I called out to her, Lyra are you calling me? You responded, No! She’s pretending to be an eagle. Ha. 


Lyra: You started taking a bottle! Hooray! As much as I love spending time with you, I’m also very happy to for the chance to have a few hours to myself once in a while.