10/10 {january}

In keeping with my new year's zeal for overly ambitious self betterment projects, I'm hoping to post a snapshot of our days, once a month, if I'm able. I do love this exercise for it's practice and discipline, for the way it forces me to find creativity, and locate the beautiful banality of our everyday. Even in those godawful bathroom tiles and that meals table that stays laden with dishes long past dinner is over. Even those.

6:13 am // Rolf brings me coffee and breakfast in bed. I eat and read a few pages of my book while Lyra sleeps next to me.

6:32 am // I get my little moon bird dressed, and take small pleasure in seeing her wear clothes that her brother wore before her.

8:21 am // Hugo asks for food all morning. We leave some cereal in a bowl for him to help himself to. It spills and he cries deep tears as though he's committed some terrible wrong. 

10:03 am // Lyra just started taking a bottle. So, today, for the first time, she went out with our babysitter to the playground along with Hugo. I have about an hour and a half to myself. I use every moment of that time.

11:44 // Late morning and early afternoon in the kitchen. Lyra stays happily in her bouncy chair for a solid half hour while I cook and chop. I make lunch, get dinner ready, prepare some soup for weekday lunches, and make a pumpkin hummus.

12:28 // I lie down with Hugo while he takes his afternoon rest. 

15:19 // Stella is home from school and it's all chaos and energy.

15:49 // We work on Stella's homework and Hugo colours. I leave for half a second and come back to colouring all over the walls c/o Hugo's feelings about being a big brother.

17:35 // The kids were not much into my dinner. 

17:37 // Hugo's in the bath making little stories about fighting fires (which he assumes is done with punches and kicks) and rescuing cars.