"a portrait of my children, once a week, every week, in 2017."

Stella: Oh my Stella. This week you were trying so hard to be helpful and kind, responsive and agreeable, saying yes, okay Mama, when you'd usually say no, I won't, and hiss like a cat. I worry about how my temper, temporarily shortened by baby and fatigue, impacts you. Life is so much easier for me where there is little resistance, but life for you will be richer and fuller if your will stays unbroken and strong. I want to remember to raise you, my daughter, to be bold, willing, to know your own mind. So I have to remember to accept your 'no' and embrace it as a sign of the strength and power that you will grow into.

Hugo: You are kind of stepping into your roll of "brother". You were wrestling with Stella, somehow intent on trouble and mayhem, and then, a loud crack as your forehead met the floor. You gave yourself two goose eggs. All of this while I was interviewing someone to help us keep a lid on things in the evenings.   

Lyra: You are becoming a bit of a night owl. You sleep all day, cozy in the baby carrier, or nestled in your stroller. Then, evenings, you cry and fuss until you fall asleep for a short nap. Then you're up, awake, eager to grin and coo much later than the latest hour at which I'm able to function. So you lie on the couch next to Papi. He stays up with you until you're finally ready to sleep.