project 52_2016_week50_stella
project 52_2016_week50_hugo
project 52_2016_week50_lyra

"a portrait of my children, once a week, every week in 2016."

Stella: These days, I don't see as much of you as I usually do, you're starting to develop your own life separate from inside our family home. You're off on playdates after school, having adventures with your best friend, exploring the world without us. And when you are home, it seems all you want to do is reconnect with us.

Hugo: You're still not really all that sure about your new sister. I'm reluctant to leave her within arms reach of you, as your fingers will find themselves poking her eyes, or stuck up her nose, or rather enthusiastically bouncing her in her chair. But occasionally you two do have a tender moment.

Lyra: While you hardly nap more than 10 minutes in your quiet crib (with custom made sheets I might add!!), you happily and peacefully nap on the sheep skin in front of the heater for hours, despite the chaos of our living room.