Ten on Ten {March}

These last six or eight weeks have been mental. To say the least. I'm sure I'll write more about what's been going on later, but if you're curious for more now, there's a bit on my instagram, @thatwildroad.

I've been in survival mode. Any spare time I had, I've been putting towards sleep, watching films, or reading a book, basically restorative activity that requires very little mental activity. Anyway, I've finally found myself with enough time, energy, and brain space to devote to updating my blog. And so, here's a ten on ten, or 12 on 12 from a recent day in Hong Kong.

08:03 // Post sink bath.

09:17 // First nap of the day.

10:06 // She woke briefly to feed, and then it was back to dreamland with sleep smiles to boot.

10:09 // Entertaining myself by taking selfies.

10:59 // An americano from my favourite teeny tiny cofee shop in Hong Kong.

11:39 // Got lost, found this.

11:47 // Hong Kong is an intense, overwhelming place. The towering buildings, narrow roads, loud noises, and intense crowds are equally inspiring and exhausting.

12:29 // Rocking this baby to sleep so she can have her eyes examined.

14:41 // Post doctor kebab lunch with a baby, a garbage can, and a pigeon.

14:43 // Baby lunch.

16:47 // Heading home towards the subway, and the crowds are starting to pick up.

18:35 // She's out for the night.