"a picture for my big kids and of my little kid, once a week, every week in 2017."

I'm away from my big kids right now, in London with Lyra for medical appointments. But I wanted to keep this project going, because I have a sentimental heart and I love seeing how my kids were growing each week as the years go by. So, while I'm away from them, I've decded to take a picture of something that makes me think of my big kids and continue on with weekly portraits of Lyra,

Stella: I'm with your Jakarta best friend, and in a strange way, that makes me feel like I'm closer to you. She's grown so much in the year we've been away from Indoneisa, and that helps me see how much you've grown too. You'd love hearing her laugh (her laugh is almost as joyful as yours) and you two would have such a great time being together here. I hope one day not too far from now we can get you two together again. 

Hugo: When we left Indonesia you were a baby, on the brink of boyhood yes, but still a baby. And now I am here with our dear friends who loved you through your babyhood and watched you grow. Now you'd have no trouble keeping up with them on the playground. You'd have loved this one we visited on Sunday. There were musical instillations everywhere. I wish I could show you and your sister this part of the world.

Lyra: You made your fist journey across the oceans week and landed here in England.  You were  at first a little unsettled. I kept thinking that you were wondering who this new family is, and where your people went. But you have become quite fond of our friends' children, you light up when they come home from school, you give laughs to Stella's best friend, and after not too long you're back to your cheerful self again.