"a portrait of my children, once a week, every week in 2017."

Stella: Just when I think I'm back to be with you and your brother at home, I'm off again with Lyra in the hospital. You were so concerned about your sister though, eager to understand what was happening to her in the hospital, what the machines and screens were for. You celebrated along with me when her IV was removed, when she was taken off continuous monitoring. And you were so glad when we finally came home.

Hugo: Oh Hugo Bear, I did miss you when we were gone at the hospital with Lyra. Somehow all the bum bum jokes, the constant wrestling, and your insistence on putting all of your food into your water cup become so much more charming when I'm away from home.

Lyra: You spent nearly all this week in hospital. You picked up RSV during one of our many doctor's visits last week, and it developed into pneumonia. My girl, you were so sick you could barely stay awake. You were being constantly poked and prodded; between blood tests, nebulizier treatments, eye drops, and medicine shoved down your mouth, you hardly had space to call your own.  You were weak and tired, barely able to stay conscious, and totally unable to drink milk. But when you did have the strength to be awake for a moment, you always tried to give a smile, even as we were sicking you with yet another nedle.