Ten on Ten {April}

Or perhaps 15 on 11, but that sounds so much less poetic. 

7:47 // Morning coffee and my morning view. I am reveling in this strong light, clear and clean, so unlike Aisa mornings. 

7:48 // Poor Lyra, she's been so sick since her surgery. She won't open her eyes. She cries. 

8:06 // I talk to the kids a bit on FaceTime. Stella is full of stories about who she's played with and what she's been learning at school. She says she knows math now, so she no longer needs to eat healthy snacks to give her energy to grow her brain. So she should have chocolate for snack. We settled on chocolate and cucumber. A classic combination. 

9:16 // Lyra plays a little, but with her eyes closed tight. My heart. 

9:18 // She tires so quickly. After just a few minutes she's fallen asleep again.

10:08 // I play with light in the bathroom. It sure feels heavy to be alone and watching my girl suffer so much. I wonder if she'll ever be okay again.

10:36 // But we go out. I walk the city to chase away the dark thoughts. I pass this tree daily. And each day, I take a picture. 

10:52 // Our train into the city arrives. 

12:09 // Doing wife stuff. A picture in front of 221B (??) Baker Street for my husband who is a big fan.

13:25 // Killing time before a doctor's appointment in a beautiful book shop. 

16:11 // Done with the Doctor, but we need to cross town to go to the Eye hospital.

19:06 // Several hours lost sitting at the eye hospital waisting time waiting for bureaucracy. But we're back in our station again.  

19:07 // The evening light is so pretty. 

19:30 // See? Beatuiful light and shadow back at home.