Ten on Ten {May}

This is a pretty random and banal ten on ten: Hong Kong, to Shanghai with zero creativity! Enjoy!

7:52 - Baby is asleep, but I'm not. We're going through some rough sleep stuff.

8:53 - She's up and ready for breakfast.

8:58 - I had a free morning before our flight, so I decided to wander around Sha Tin with my cameras.

10:01 - I unexpectedly found myself at the Ten Thousand Buddhas monastery in Sha Tin. After the week we had, it was actually perfect. I needed the quiet, that sense of peace and holiness 

12:05 - Back at the hotel and packing up. I'm late and so disorganised.  

13:58 - On the way to the airport. An unearthly yellow grey poured down from up north. It smudged the horizon line and hid the mountains. 

14:08 - Airport Lunch and Skype to the home team.

14:46 - Made it to the gate. The funny / annoying thing about flying in China is that everyone rushes the gate as soon as they can. 

16:39 - Still sitting on the tarmac. Another funny / annoying thing about flying in China is flights are almost always delayed. We waited about two hours before taking off. But the good thing is that Lyra is the platonic ideal of a baby and sits on my lap, coos at me, smiles at the neighbours, chews on my hands, and is a total delight.

18:05 - I love late afternoon on an airplane. That light.

19:28 - Descending into SHanhai and everything twinkles.