Farewell KL {A Charity Family Photoshoot at Batu Caves}

This was one of my very favourite Family Photoshoots in Kuala Lumpur so far. Maybe it was one of my all time favourite. It came together just at the last second, a confluence of lucky conicidences brought us together to make these pictures. The Sidaros family was about to leave for a new life in a new country, home packed, and on their last days in KL. They wanted a shoot that captured the feeling of the city, some of the magic of the place, and their memories of their life here.

Not only was this photoshoot at an amazing location, kaleidoscope colourful with joss sticks floating on the air; not only was the family a true delight, warm, loving, and up for anything; not only did they come to me by way of Clare, who had been their long time family photographer, and who had trained them so well, I hardly had to direct at all. All of that is true. And also, it was a charity shoot, and the Sidaros Family was so beyond gracious and generous in supporting my cause. I guess what I mean to say is that sometimes the stars line up in such a way that your track through life intersects with those of others and for a moment there is a flash of knowing, an opening of hearts, and of touching insides, and that expanded feeling that all is as it is meant to be. I’m only sorry that they left KL; I’m only sorry that I didn’t get to know them better.

This family photography gig is a real honour.

A happy family sits on the steps of Batu Caves in Kuala Lumpur.

A happy family sits on the steps of Batu Caves in Kuala Lumpur.

A family portrait by Kuala Lumpur Family Photographer Erica Knecht.
A family stands in front of a temple as a worshiper walks by at Batu Caves in Kuala Lumpur.
An abstract double exposure by Kuala Lumpur photographer Erica Knecht.
A man shows off a string of Jasmine in Kuala Lumpur.
Batu Caves in the pre-dawn light by Kuala Lumpur Photographer Erica Knecht
A father embraces his daughter in a family photoshoot by KL photographer Erica Knecht.
A bag of Jasmine near Batu Caves.
Colorful Batu Caves steps in the early morning by Kuala Lumpur photographer Erica Knecht
Lydia at Colourful Batu Caves-42.jpg
A family stands together as their little girl runs towards the camera with an exuberant smile on her face at Batu Caves.
A worshiper descends the steps at Batu Caves.
Paint on the Steps at Batu Caves,
The colorful stairs at Batu Caves, leading up towards the temple by Kuala Lumpur photographer Erica Knecht.
Birds fly over a temple at Batu Caves.
A family with two little girls in front of a temple at Batu Caves.
A mother embraces her daughter on the steps at Batu Caves by Kuala Lumpur family photographer Erica Knecht.
A black and white image of a father embracing his daughter framed by the mother and her daughter.
A mother embraces her daughter in front of the colourful facade of a Hindu Temple by Kuala Lumpur photographer Erica Knecht.
A black and white image of a mother embracing her smiling daughter in Kuala Lumpur by family photographer Erica Knecht.
A black and white image of a mother tickling her daughter by family photographer Erica Knecht in Kuala Lumpur.
A family portrait in front of a colourful temple in Kuala Lumpur.
Two little girls laugh on the colourful steps of Batu Caves.
A family portrait on the steps of Batu Caves in Kuala Lumpur by Erica Knecht
A family plays together on the steps of Batu Caves by KL photographer Erica Knecht
A black and white family portrait with a mother and father each embracing a daughter in Kuala Lumpur by Erica Knecht.
A black and white portrait of a father embracing his daughter in Kuala Lumpur.
A mother and a daughter play on the steps of Batu Caves.
Two little girls give each other a big hug on the steps of Batu Caves in Kuala Lumpur
A family portrait in black and white in Kuala Lumpur

Anais {A Newborn Session}

I while ago I ran a giveaway on my photography facebook page as a sort of thank you to all of you lovely people who have supported me by liking my page and helping me get a bit of traction in this noisy world of social media.

Well, anyway, chance granted Tasha the win, and I was so glad. When she told me about how she wanted to use the prize, I literally got goosebumps. 

So, you see, Tasha gifted the session to her sister who was about to have a baby. We decided to do a quiet little session in home with sweet little Anais and her beautiful big (little!) cousin. And this session was so special to me. Because, what an amazing thing that Treen and Tasha, a couple of Australian sisters, are both here in Jakarta, each married to an Indonesian guy, each with a little baby. Little Samudra and baby Anais have family on both sides to hold them and love them, and that is just so special.  So I got to take pictures of this beautiful family, a new mum and dad, and a sweet three day old baby. But also a loving aunt and uncle, a cousin who I'm sure will be more like a brother, and they were all so lovely and loved each other so much and it was just really gorgeous. What an honour to be allowed into the homes and hearts of families like this. 

Hey, if you're interested in booking a session like this one, or if you have questions, or even if you just want to say hi, get in touch

Some Experiments on a Bright Afternoon


I'm taking a class right now. I'm not sure it's a great fit for me, but it sure is pushing me, asking me to think about work in different ways. And that is always a wonderful thing. Here's a few things I've been playing around with thanks to this class. And the last one here: a happy accident.

I hope you all are having a wonderful Easter weekend, I mean, if that is your sort of thing.

We plan put a 24 hour moratorium on our usual sugar restrictions, and to stuff our faces at our favourite hotel brunch, and then top it all off with an easter egg hunt. 

If you, like me, are planning an chocolate egg hunt in a tropical environment, I have a new tip to share! Throw your chocolates into the freezer for a few hours to get them nice and solid. That way they won't melt in the wrappers while they're waiting to be found. High fives all around.

Anyway! Happy Easter. Happy long weekend! Enjoy that chocolate! 


Sweet Olivia {A New Baby Session}


A few weeks ago I had the wholehearted pleasure of photographing brand new baby Olivia and her family. 

I've said it before, but this little baby was the platonic ideal of a baby: beautiful soft skin, big wide eyes, chubby baby cheeks, and the easiest disposition. I mean, this kid is even gorgeous when she cries. 

I love photographing babies and their mothers. I have an obsession with liminal periods. I love the raw emotion, the newness, the strangeness of transitions, and the beauty of a new life. 

With a baby and her mother, you don't have to search very hard for the beauty. Its there in the way the arms cradle and comfort, the pure adoration of a new mother's gaze, the softness of skin and the roundness of cheek. We all know these details will soon fade, so it was such an honour to get to capture these memories for this gorgeous family.

Are you in Indonesia and interested in booking a session? I'm offering a great discount right now. Get in touch ericaknecht {@} gmail.com. Check out more of my work here and like my facebook page here

Two Boys. A Park. Menteng. {A Family Session}

I took some pictures for a friend the other day. She wanted some pictures done of her kids, and I wanted some practice shooting kids who aren't my own. So, perfect. Yes. 


The shoot went so well. Better than I could of imagined. I mean, it was difficult, yes. Little people are notoriously quick, and also completely adverse to direction. Seeing people love each other, and adore their kids; watching smiles creep across faces; seeing a little tender baby hand wrapped around his mother; clicking the shutter button at just the right moment, and getting what I wanted. This is so gratifying. And then driving home after the shoot, feeling full of love ans light and colour, watching the leaves and the late afternoon light, and all I could think was I kind of love this. I want to do this again. As soon as possible. 

Anyway, here's a few highlights of sweet Oscar and Riley, and their parents who are kind and good and just really lovely humans.


If you're in the Jakarta area and are interested in having me capture your family, I'd love to hear from you. You can contact me at ericaknecht@gmail.com.