10 on 10

I've noticed this Ten on Ten project pop up amongst the blogs I read, and thought this month I'd join in. Because, god knows, I need another photo project. I guess I just really love taking obnoxious pictures of my children? Alright, whatever, here we go. 


Early morning jumping on my bed. Though, if truth speaks, this can't really be THAT early, because she's dressed. so.


Putting her brother down for his morning nap. Or perhaps, waking him up. Yeah, that's more like it.


Folding laundry, putting away diapers.


Just back from a run. I'm really trying hard to lose the baby weight. 


I'm also trying hard to be virtuous. See large glass of water and the New Yorker. (Again, truth time, prolly was reading the iPad.)


Afternoon naps.


We took a quick trip to the mall for coffee and various other important things. Like frilly skirts.


See. She talked me into it. I couldn't say no.


Getting the boy ready for bed.


A little TV time before the girl heads off to bed. Here she is watching her first Disney movie. Planes. It was a big day.

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