Film Friday

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I've been experimenting with 35 mm film recently. And! I love it. Not to sound too much, like,  instagram barbie, but I appreciate the authenticity of film, the way it forces me to slow down and really think about why I'm pressing the shutter button. Often, with digital, I try to foce pictures, like just press down on that button enough times and with enough will that somehow the vision I have will be forced into being, divined from the force of my index finger, or something. 

But with film, you can't waste frames. So you wait and breath and when the moement happens that you were looking for, then you press.

I ike that.

I also like that it makes me think and plan and make decisions thoughtfull. All of these things are very NOT part of my current skill set. (See baby boy's impulsive hair cut.)

Anyway. Film photography in Jakarta. If you're interested in playing around, here's what I've found.

The best place to buy used gear is in Pasar Baru on the third floor of the market building. I like Andy at Maestro Photography, Pasar Baru Lantai 3 Unit a 23. He speeks good english and seems like a stand-up sort of dude.  

For development, I like Soup n' Film. I drop off my film using Go-Jek, and it arrives in my inbox a few days later. So far, I've found them to be really consistant. I'm pleased with their work.

If you shoot film or are interested in learning about it (not that I know anything, really, I just love to conect with fellow lerners) get in touch! I'd love to connect.