Lyra Mary Ines

Meet our newest darling, Lyra Mary Ines. 

Our sweet little birdie was born on the full moon like her sister before her. I began the solitary work of bring her into the world in the soft dark of the night. With each of my children, I laboured quietly, alone all night. I’ve come to treasure those hushed hours, the liminal stillness, the solitary work.

We drove to the hospital in the pre-dawn. The silent streets empty except for late night youth, with skateboards and nighttime beers, unaware of the small banal miracle passing by in a taxi. An evening of hedonic revelry intersecting the tender and brutal work of new life. There’s something literary in that.

My labour was easy, well, as easy  as as these things can go, really.  Lyra was delivered at 8:35 in the morning, weighing 3.4 KG and measuring 49 CM. She was easy and still, settling quickly on my chest.