The Challengers {A Hotel Home Story}

Some sessions are just meant to be.

On my recent trip to Jakarta for family photography, I had a few last minute cancelations due to some political instability. So I posted a hasty note, asking if anyone was up for filling some empty slots, and lo, these guys came along. Not only were they kind, gracious, and super fun, but they’re a hotel family like ours. And they life on sight as we did when we lived in Jakarta.

I thought, what better family for me to shoot. There couldn’t be a more idea client than them with their life of hotels and adventure. I know so well the joys and pain points of traveling the world and living in hotels. I understand their wild little ones who so much reminded me of my own; a fiery hair little girl who’s got the spotlight; an exuberant little boy obsessed with planes and cars. I got those kids pretty wound up, silly levels turned up to the max, we laughed till our sides ached, and well, I just felt so at home.

And this, right here, is the power of attracting ideal client. It’s not about rich white people in impeccably designed homes. It’s connecting on a heart level; knowing the people who come before your lens are the sort of people you’d delight in sharing a meal with, and sharing hearts with. These guys are ideal clients through and through. I couldn’t be happier that we connected.

silly family portrait in Jakarta, indoneisa
a playful family portrait by kuala lumpur family photograher erica knecht
a young family hang out together at home.
a father helps his daugther do handstands during a lifestyle family shoot.
a happy family portrait in Jakarta
a boy runs along a wall with a toy plane
a family being silly together in a family portrait session in jakarta
dad tenderly touches his daugther’s face.
a girl does cartwheels during a lifestyle family shoot by Kuala Lumpur photographer
A girl does handstands
a portrait of a girl with red hair by Kuala Lumpur family photographer Erica Knecht
A lifestyle images of a young family on a bed
A mum and her young daughter cuddle together on a bed
A freelense image of a mother and daugther
two hands reaching towards each other by Kuala Lumpur lifestyle family photographer
A daughter reaches towards her mother’s hair
A black and white image of a little girl stands in a crowd in Jakarta
Two kids play on a luggage trolly in a Jakarta Hotel
A freelens image of a mother cuddling her daughter
a black and white lifestyle portrait of a young girl in Jakarta
A young family cuddle in bed by Kuala Lumpur Based lifestyle photographer